When I first came to Shady Lane Farm I had an older horse named Artie who was in his 20s. Matt & Linds came up with the perfect program for him that involved lots of flatwork, and minimal jumping only before horse shows (to make sure I remembered how to see distances). Even when warming up at the horse shows, we stuck to a minimal number of jumps to decrease stress on his joints. When my old-man had a bad day, or a day when he was sore, he got that day off to rest or heal (even if sometimes that day was at a horse show) and went back to light work the day after. This kind of care and attention to Artie's every need kept him showing in the 1.20 jumpers until he was 25 years old, and enabled him to still have a happy retirement after that.

When Artie retired, I got a very young horse: a 4-year old. Matt & Linds also know exactly how to care for and train young horses. I am continually impressed with their patience, diligence, and strategy for keeping young horses entertained and learning every day, while being careful not to over-challenge them and assuring that all the learning remains really positive. When you buy a 4-year-old you never really know what that horse will become. The horse I have today is fabulous, both for them - and for me (he has to do double duty carrying around an amateur half the time). My baby horse is doing far, far better than I expected, in no small part because of the great work Matt & Linds have put into him. I'm not sure this horse would have come this far with any other trainers, and I can't wait to see how far they'll take us both.

- Jen Lampton - Client since 2006

When I moved to California from New York City two years ago, I didn’t have high expectations for the West Coast hunter/jumper circuit. Growing up on the East Coast, I’d always heard that West Coast riding wasn’t as competitive and that the West Coast equestrian community wasn’t as impressive as that of the East Coast. After spending two years with Lindsay and Matt, I’m convinced that everything I heard was wrong. The level of attention, care, and dedication that they show to their clients, human and equine alike, and their combined expertise in all aspects of the sport, never cease to amaze me. Their training program, through lessons, professional rides, and on-the-ground training, is uniquely geared to each horse-and-rider combination, and they make sure that all of us are prepared for every horse show. I have grown so much as a rider and a horsewoman in the last two years, and it is all thanks to Lindsay and Matt. I feel so lucky to be part of the SLF family.

- Emma Mann-Meginniss - Client since 2009

Shady Lane Farm offers a safe and challenging environment for riders to grow and succeed.  Thanks to the excellent training program, my daughter has developed a sense of confidence and skills that have allowed her to reach her goals.  We are thrilled to be part of the SLF family and look forward to many more years to come!

- Janice Alamillo, mother of Lauren Alamillo (12) - Client since 2010

When I came to Shady Lane as an aspiring equitation rider, I had never been in a work off. Thanks to Lindsay and Matt, I have been successful qualifying for various medal finals over the last few years. They found the perfect horse for me and have helped me achieve many, if not most, of my riding goals. Lessons are fun, challenging and innovative, and I always feel well prepared for shows. My horse gets the best care and I never worry about him when I am traveling. Shady Lane is a beautiful place and we all have a great time riding and showing together.

- Martha Weissbaum - Client since 2003

Matt and Linds are the best! The lessons are interesting and challenging, and Matt and Linds are very patient. Since coming to Shady Lane Farm my riding has become more consistent and I have had great success at the shows. My horse gets incredible care and attention. The horse's welfare always comes first. The facility is beautiful. I recommend Shady Lane Farm to anyone who wants to improve their riding and have fun at the same time.

- Susan Lea - Client since 2006
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