Training Program

A typical horse in the training program at Shady Lane Farm gets two to three training rides per week. The horse's owners typically take two to three lessons per week. In addition, all horses get turned out three to four times per week in our irrigated pastures and are put on our eurociser at least once per day.

We have a mix of clients ranging from beginner to Adult Amateur Hunter riders and Juniors competing at the Young Rider level.

All of our clients attend between six and twelve horse shows per year. The majority of those shows are located in Northern California, but the barn usually attends three to four shows a year in Southern California.

In addition, Lindsay and Matt generally take at least two trips to Europe per year to bring back sale horses and horses for our own clients. Since the beginning of 2003, they have brought back over 60 quality horses ranging from three year olds doing the Baby Green Hunters to seven/eight year olds that are currently competing in the Grand Prix division.

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