Menlo Charity Show 2012

It was wonderful to return to the Menlo Charity Show this year. Thank you to the show management and the Circus Club for investing in the new footing. While it may not have been perfect, it was a great improvement over the grass of years past!

Congratulations to our AA Jumper riders for all three placing in the Classic on Sunday!!

SLF Bizet and Matt Archer: 2nd and 5th and double clear everyday in the 1.15 Jumpers
Aragorn and Jen Lampton: 3rd $10,000 AA Jumper Classic; 4th and 5th AA Jumpers
Che Guevara and Kendall Jordan: 4th AA Jumpers; 8th $10,000 AA Jumper Classic
Cotillion and Emma M-M: 5th and 7th AA Jumpers; 11th $10,000 AA Jumper Classic
Caretana Z and Talley Scott: 7th Amateur Mod Jumpers


Addison Archer and Stormy Winds: WINNER OF THE LEADLINE!! ;-)

Thanks to all our family and friends for coming out to watch Addi's first Menlo Leadline!

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