Showpark Racing Festival

Congratulations to Aundra Urban and Deja Blue for their fantastic 3rd place finish in the open $2500 1.20 Classic. They finished 3rd out of a 15 horse jump off... rather, road race!
And congratulations to Martha Weissbaum and Clear Sailing. Martha was 2nd in both the Ariat and PCHA Adult Medals.
We had a great time at the Showpark shows these last two weeks! Looking forward to coming back next year!!

Showpark Summer Festival

Congratulations to Gabrielle Cirelli and Talisman Z for winning the Eq 14 and Under. And congratulations to Lindsay and SLF Ratosca for their championship in the 1.35 Jumper Division. Good Luck over the weekend!!

Golden Gate Classic

Trailing-in for a day of classes at the Golden Gate Classic proved successful...

Congratulations to Susan Lea for winning the CPHA Child/Adult and congratulations to Gabby Cirelli for her second place finish in the Norcal 3'!!

It was a fun and productive day!

Sonoma June Classic

The new show at Sonoma was very fun. We enjoyed the new scenery and all of the efforts that were put into making it a good show...

Congratulations to Aundra Urban and Deja Blue, Matt Archer and SLF V.I.P., and Susan Lea and Leoncavallo for ALL being champions in their divisions...

Congratulations also to Gabrielle Cirelli for her top finish in the Monaco Equitation Classic as well as for her debut in the 3'6" equitation!

Pickwick Summer

Lindsay had a great first show back after her 9 month hiatus... She and SLF Ratosca were Champion in the 1.30 division finishing 1st and 2nd in the two classes that they competed. Ratosca and Lindsay were also 2nd in the 1.20 on Wednesday.

Talley and Seattle had a great last show. Talley came a very long way this year starting out Circuit Champion in the Low Amateurs at Thermal and finishing at Pickwick Summer in the ribbons in the 1.30. Congrats to Talley on a great spring, and good luck at School! We'll miss you!


Lesson Program Begins the Week of June 21st!!!

The new Shady Lane Farm Lesson Program will officially get started the week of June 21st! After searching out the perfect horses to get our new program up and running, we are finally ready! We have both a wonderful horse and pony that have recently left the upper level horse show world to help teach new and excited beginners how to ride.
We will be offering lessons 5 days a week. Lessons start at $60, and packages and leases are available...
Please call for more information and to schedule a visit...

COMING SOON!!! Shady Lane Farm Lesson Program

By early Summer we hope to have our new Lesson Program up and running. We will have quality lesson horses available for lessons or lease. And like our existing program, all lessons will be taught by Matt or Lindsay personally. This program will be aimed at introducing the beginner or novice rider to basic horsemanship and riding skills and eventually take those who aspire to show to local horse shows.

Interested?? Give us call! We would love to show you around the barn and see if we can help you or your child acheive your goals!

Welcome Addison Paisley Archer

On April 16th at 10:46 pm we welcomed Addision Paisley Archer into our family... She is absolutely beautiful!

Thanks to everyone for all their good wishes!!

Mid-Circuit and Circuit Champions at Thermal 2010!!

Congratulations to Talley Scott and Seattle on their Mid-Circuit and Circuit Championship in the Low Amateur Owner Jumpers at Thermal 2010!! A well deserved award!! Congrats!!

Thermal Week I 2010

Shady Lane Farm horses and riders started out the new year with success!

Talley Scott and Seattle - Winner of all 3 classes in the Low Amateur Jumpers!
Thank you Leone Equestrians for helping us to get Seattle!!

Martha Weissbaum - Winner CPHA Child/Adult and 3rd place Low AO Hunter Handy

Matt Archer and SLF V.I.P. - Clean rounds level 6 & 7. Eigth place PCHA Jimmy Williams Classic

Matt Archer and Undercurrent - 2nd and 6th place in Level 4

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